Alkaline Water pH8.5+ By ManNature

Alkaline Water pH8.5+ By ManNature


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Alkaline Water pH8.5+ By ManNature

  Alkaline Water pH8.5+ By ManNature คือ Clean drinking water and alkaline properties are relatively low ph water, with ph greater than 7. Contains a variety of minerals that the body needs. It is found that the properties of mineral water are found in pure natural sources. Alkaline Drinking water This is due to the fact that the natural stone is made through special methods, causing alkaline conditions. Helps to balance the Acid-alkali inside the body in an appropriate state. This allows the body to function properly to help the body to resist diseases. As well.


Benefit of Alkaline Water pH8.5+ By ManNature

  • Alkaline Drinking water With the ORP value, the drinking water with a pH of 8.5 helps the body to balance more. The body is refreshed and helps restore the body. 
  • Alkaline Drinking water Stomach ulcers reduces stomach acids, bloating, reflux and reflux. 
  • Alkaline Drinking water It is antioxidant to reduce acid poisoning in the blood, anti-oxidant, which causes various diseases.


Instructions for of Alkaline Water pH8.5+ By ManNature

  • Alkaline water is suitable for children aged 4 and up, and if symptoms are abnormal after drinking alkaline water should immediately stop drinking and consult a doctor about PH in the body.