Air Purifier by ManNature

Air Purifier by ManNature


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Air Purifier by ManNature

  Air Purifier The Nature Purifier by Mannature is a technology Air purifier from Germany with EPPO technology, air filter, electrostatic ion system performance It has a high filtration resolution that has a small molecule of 0.1-0.3 pm and kills germs with the system. Electrostatic Adsorption Pressure That can intercept unwanted things that are floating in the air, such as Formaldehyde, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, allergens, etc., as well as unpleasant odors. Cigarette smoke Odor Bad smell Bad smell in the house. The air purifier works by air suction into the machine through a filter to trap. Catch these things and release the fresh air instead. 
  This air purifier is suitable for children. Patients or everyone, including areas requiring Clean to get pure air without dust. Believe the disease or even the impurities that we cannot see. 
  With Plasma electrostatic system with Active Oxygen and Titanium dioxide + UV tube can inhibit pathogens 99.9% Man Nature Air Purifier Automatic filtering system Do not change the filter and save energy because it uses only 35 watts of power. That is equivalent to only one fan.


Benefit of Air Purifier by ManNature 

  • The air purifier does not emit harmful ozone in the body. 
  • The air purifier can get rid of disposable germs up to 99.9%. 
  • An air purifier can filter toxic gases and heavy metals like mercury-lead. 
  • Air Purifier The filtration resolution has a very small molecule of 0.1-0.3 PM. 
  • The Air purifier can filter small dust sample at PM 2.5. 
  • Air Purifier Only 35 watts of power is equivalent to one fan. 
  • The air purifier has an automatic filtration system. No Filter replacement required.  


Instructions of Air Purifier by ManNature

  To activate an air purifier After the shutdown, leave it for a long time. Detection sensor performance The scent may be reduced but will return to normal at 1-2 days.